Francine and I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful concert. You knocked it out of the park!
I love to hear those old tunes. Your high energy gets the audience into the music and you work the room second to none. You certainly represent these two legends very well. Your Patsy Cline persona is super. You have her quick wit, and we’re able to call all the ‘Hoss’s in the crowd with your typical Patsy responses. I enjoyed every minute. I felt bad when you stumbled on the dance floor. I was afraid I stepped on your dress. Hope you did not hurt yourself!
Have been listening to your CD today. It is great. Excellent selection of tracks. The two self-penned songs are beautiful. I particularly like ‘Right Back to You’. Made me think of Dolly’s ‘Here You Come Agin’. In ‘Right Back to You’ I hear a Crystal Gayle influence and I can imagine Wynonna singing Beggin’ For Mercy. Congratulations on a great CD. I hope there will be more to come.
When you are back in this area, let us know and we will bring some friends out.
Cheers, Randy
Randy Russell

You are absolutely beautiful and so special I feel honored to have met you and heard you sing, I will never forget watching you win the People’s Choice Award in Guelph I was hooked forever. Keep doing what you do Pretty Girl and don’t ever forget who loves you Sorry but I have to share this so my friends at Valley Creek Estates can see the girl who I have been bragging about knowing. Keep singing sweetheart I got goose bumps when I saw your pictures as unlike you I remember the day Miss Patsy died, Take Care
Kathy Minouge

Amberley!!! Best Patsy & Loretta for sure!!!
Barbra Herron Feil

Wow you are Fantastic. Amberley you an Amazing Canadian singer. These pictures are gorgeous. I love the fact that you are not a show off. That you are down to earth. I’ll see you next time you are in Niagara. oxoxo”
Arlene Whelan admson